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Faux Wood Adds Affordable Architectural Details

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Time-worn wood architectural details enhance a home’s rustic charm or elegant old world-style but the real deal can be costly. What if you could get the same look at a fraction of the price? Faux wood products made of polymers have the same textures and finishes of real wood but without the maintenance issues and costs associated with real wood.

Faux Wood Corbels on the Tower Entry of Villa Toscana

Faux Wood Corbels on the Tower Entry of Villa Toscana

Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri uses these architectural elements to add character and elegance to his high-end homes. “Faux wood products are one of my money-saving trade secrets. I use them on the exterior and interiors of all of my homes and my clients love the look and the price,” says Jorge.

Faux Wood Shutters and Beam Header on the Exterior of Villa Toscana

Consider the cost savings. Here is what Jorge recently paid for these products: A faux wood corbel costs $25 each, shutters $180 a pair, and a beam header just $20 each.

Faux Wood Corbels on the exterior of Villa Toscana

There are only a few companies that have mastered the science and craftsmanship of faux wood architectural products. Ackue Inc.,based in Sanford, Florida is a leading manufacturer. Ackue Inc.’s award-winning products can make a home look like a million bucks without the seven-figure price tag. Owner George Acha says his products are maintenance free, handcrafted and coated with UV protection.  Custom-made faux wood garage doors are one of his most popular products with orders worldwide. “We try to be as authentic as possible and fabricate unique products where no two are alike, “ says George.

Faux Wood Beam Header on Exterior of Villa Toscana

Faux wood products can enhance the interior or exterior of any home.  Custom Builder Jorge Ulibarri uses the corbels in the tower entry of each home. Jorge designs the exterior of his homes to showcase faux wood shutters, beam headers, and additional corbels.  Faux wood products are another affordable design idea to add luxury to your living space. To learn how these Faux Wood Products are installed and where you can add them to your home, watch the latest episode of Trade Secrets by Jorge. Available on Friday May 11th on YouTube and here on the blog.

Designing the Details Above

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“Another Affordable Idea to Enhance Your Living Space”

Ceilings in a home are an ideal canvas to add custom touches that define your home’s architectural style, from Tuscan to contemporary or any variation in between. Luxury Homebuilder Jorge Ulibarri suggests corbels and beams as another great design buy for your bucks. “They look like real wood but cost half the price,” says Jorge, who has more than a decade of experience designing and building custom homes in all price ranges.

The corbels and shutters that Jorge uses on his homes are made of foam but look like real wood. “I use these design features to accent my homes for that authentic old world look,” says Jorge.

Faux Wood Corbel Made of Foam

The foam corbels pictured in this article cost approximately $22 each and installation runs $5 each.  A set of foam shutters retails for $180 with installation at $40 a pair.

Faux Wood Shutters Made of Foam

These products are easy to maintain and come with a lifetime warranty. I buy them from the manufacturer, Ackue International at www.ackue.com

“These products work well on my homes because the textures and finishes are very realistic.”  Jorge uses corbels on the exterior and interior of his homes in high profile areas such as the tower entry. Here, the 24-foot-high ceiling features corbels surrounding rustic beams every two feet.

Tower Entry with Corbels and Beams

The effect is very affordable to create. Jorge explains that the rustic wood beams are actually framed lumber that is covered in drywall, faux painted, and distressed to look like real wood. “This is a great builder trade secret because I only pay $70 per beam.” Other costs associated with the faux wood beams are included in the packages for framing and drywall that get negotiated into the total price of house.

Beams with Barrel Ceiling

The barrel ceiling is another architectural feature that draws the eye upward. This type of ceiling gets its name because it looks like the inside half of a barrel. Again, it’s done affordably in the framing stage. Barrel ceilings lend themselves to many styles and finishes including faux painting, brick, travertine, or stone. “Travertine is a very good deal in sizes 4-inch by 4-inch or 6-inch by 4-inch. The cost of the material is $4 per square foot. The installation requires two craftsmen a day of labor, which runs approximately $400. “

To bring warm up a room, tongue and groove ceilings made of southern yellow pine wood can instantly upgrade a living space.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Jorge says the material to create tongue and groove ceilings runs approximately $3 per square foot and includes the wood staining. The labor is $2 per square foot.  “Think strategically about where you add in tongue and groove ceilings. It’s cost-effective to accent small, highly visible areas as opposed to larger areas to maximize the “wow” factor and your budget.”

For more home design and construction trade secrets and tips, check out the video series, Trade Secrets by Jorge, on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/jorgeulibarri  Post your questions or comments to his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Jorge.Ulibarri.Luxury.home.Builder.

Ceiling Details-Designing the Look Above

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In this episode of Trade Secrets by Jorge, learn how to enhance your overhead living space with strategic architectural ceiling details. Luxury Custom HomeBuilder Jorge Ulibarri shows you various ceiling designs he uses in his homes and offers honest cost breakdowns and tips on how to create rooms that make you look up and go “Wow.” Also, for the latest tips, design finds and other useful information on home design, architecture and homebuilding, be sure and “like” his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Jorge.Ulibarri.Luxury.Home.Builder and register to win a free custom made wrought iron winery door valued at $3000.


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