Tile Style—The Latest Tile Trends in Custom Home Decor

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Top 10 Tile Style Trends from Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri


Handpainted artisan tiles embellish the stair treads of this Windermere Custom Home by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri. www.ImYourBuilder.com

Tile is the ultimate design tool—it’s a durable, practical surface material that adds texture, color and dimension to a living space. Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri designs and builds with tile to bring out a home’s architectural features and provide functional surfaces that withstand years of use.


Large format marble-look tile clads the shower/tub of this bathroom complimenting the grey and white color palette in this Windermere Custom Home by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri www.ImYourBuilder.com

The latest tile styles in Orlando luxury homes favor large-format porcelain and ceramic tile, oftentimes mimicking the look of  marble. Besides floor and wall cladding, tile can create a punctuation point in a room as a fireplace surround, countertop, or ceiling treatment.


Handpainted artisan tiles bring Hacienda-inspired style to this fireplace surround in this Windermere Custom Home by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri. www.ImYourBuilder.com

To inspire your next design project, here is a list of  the top 10 tile trends forecasted for 2017.

HandPainted Artisan Tile:


Handpainted artisan tiles embedded in the precast stone mirror arch in this Windermere Custom Home by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri. www.ImYourBuilder.com

Small batch production, handpainted tiles are decorative accents that bring personality to a living space. Used in small doses, these colorful, patterned tiles can create a visual surprise and signature look.

Tropical Scapes:


Mainzu. Livorno Blanco (8X8) and Mural Sonata (8X8) Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Tropical motifs, especially retro inspired, are bringing a little bit of vacation home as consumers seek to escape into stylized nature scapes of exotic plants and birds and tropical foliage



Geotiles in Nolita & Geo Brick. Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Tile arranged in pixelated patterns or modules come together by pairing different shaped ceramic tiles. This combination of geometric forms creates an imperfectly-perfect layout.

Brick Inspired:


Gayaforest Tile in BrickBold, Almond. Photo Credit Tile of Spain

Stylized tiles that mimic brick forms add a textural and dimensional element. Brick inspired tiles with embossed design elements come in a wide range of finishes and styles including rustic and glossy.  

Right Lines:


Saloni. Integra Series. Linear Model (16X47) Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

The latest tile styles are lining up  in vertical or horizontal, continuous or interrupted in flat or relief patterns.  Lined tile designs can visually create the perception of expanding or contracting space depending on the installation configuration and pattern.



Roca Cerámica Tile in Flamant Geo Wood. Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Zig-zag patterns, also known as chevrons, provide an updated treatment of tile.  Whether used in a monochromatic or contrasting color palette, chevrons are a subtle way to add pattern without overwhelming a room.  

Dimensional Tiles:


Harmony by Peronda. signature Series. Model Bowl Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Tiles becomes sculptural art when designed with dimensional effects. 3D tiles add contemporary twist to decor as feature walls and architectural elements.  

Tonal Gray Tiles:


Levantina Tile in Blaze Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Gray remains the “it” neutral in today’s decor; however, the latest design techniques skillfully mix tones of gray in nuanced color palettes such as cooler grays to slate tones, softer grays and beiges. Texture and superimposed tones give these tiles a warm, earthy feel.

Blue Hues:


Keros Cerámica Tile in Aguamarina. Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

A popular tile look is to “paint” the wall in trending blue hues. The latest blues are warming up with a touch of yellow or green. Whether the look is coastal, beachy, modern, eclectic or somewhere in between, blue tiles in various shades and tones lighten up the ambiance. 

Large Format Tiles:


Porcelanosa Tile in Bluestone Ston-Ker. Photo Credit: Tile of Spain

Large format “rectified” tiles (installed with minimal grout lines) create a sleek, clean, contemporary look. Digitally printed designs create large format tile taht can mimic the look of many materials including brick, concrete, marble and exotic stone.

For more design ideas and tips for building your own custom home, check out Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri’s company Cornerstone Custom Construction and subscribe to his blog.