exterior luxury home pool



Contemporary pool in a home designed and built by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri.

Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri  says a designer pool can fit almost any budget if you consider these 5 factors:

1.Depth of Water:

When designing for a pool, you need to consider the depth of the water.  Shallow water is transparent and deep water is much more opaque. This is an important consideration if you want to add a decorative element on the pool floor such as a mosaic medallion.


This entire pool shaped as a violin has a depth shallow enough to see the beautiful mosaic tile work that creates the violin design. This pool was designed and built by Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping and won the 2014 COVERINGS INSTALLATION & DESIGN (CID) AWARD

2. Sight Lines:


Contemporary pool in a home designed and built by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri. Travertine pavers, glass tile mosaic accents, raised platforms for furniture and a built in swim-up table create the perfect balance between sport and entertainment use.

Sight lines are also critical so think about vantage points with your pool.  From where in the garden or in the house will you be able to see the pool? Will it be viewed from the same plane or from above?


Space planning is key in pool design. Think about where you want to place your pool furniture such as lounge chairs and create gathering spots for sun bathing and socializing. This pool features a raised platform with an outdoor living room overlooking the pool. An area for lounge chair creates yet another social space for sun bathing.

This is where perspective, scale, color and complexity of design play a big role.  Any architecture near the pool should be considered as well, such as a pool house, raised decks or a changing cabana. Space planning also is important when designing a pool. Think about where you want to place your pool furniture. Know the size and space requirements of your pool furniture and make sure these spaces are part of the overall design.


3.Pool Materials:


This Italian-inspired pool features Cobalt blue clay fountain pots and framed by a pergola for an affordable design feature that creates ambiance. The pool finish is quartz that produces a light-colored bottom in perfect sync with the pools Mediterranean style. Other cost savings features include stone look a like columns made of foam and travertine pavers.

Pools are also wonderful areas to combine materials but if price is a consideration, there are certain cost savings options to consider. For the pool bottom, a quartz finish is more affordable than a pebble bottom finish.The price difference for a pool pebble finish can be a $2000-$25000 upgrade on the average size pool. If you opt for a lagoon-style pool, then you will want to go with a pebble finish because it creates a darker bottom for the more obscure water look of a lagoon. Stone decorative elements and accents also add to the budget of a lagoon pool. Typically, a lagoon-style pool will have a rock waterfall or feature and stone accents around the pool edge.


An elegant kidney-shaped pool with travertine pavers, decorative tile trim and Cobalt blue clay pot water fountains creates an affordable Tuscan flair in this pool by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri.

An Italian style pool can be a more affordable style.  The quartz finish complements Mediterranean features such as clay pots as pool fountains, travertine tile and a pergola.


This contemporary pool showcases clean lines with glass tile mosaics around the pool perimeter. A spa overlooks the pool completely covered with the same glass tile mosaics for visual drama. The linear “sport & resort” pool is a popular style trending in pool design. The pool is featured in a home designed and built by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri.

Glass mosaic tiles with hint of gold glass or mother of pearl capture the light in a beautiful way and add a textural richness to a pool mosaic.

4. Pool Lighting:


Pool lighting adds drama as a beautiful nightscape to your outdoor space. Ideally, your budget should include a pool lighting scheme for optimal outdoor enjoyment and ambiance. Notice how the pool lighting plays well with the landscape lighting to create a stunning light show. This linear pool is featured in a home designed and built by Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri.

5. Pool Water & Fire Features:


The latest pool designs focus on fire features for drama and entertainment. Orlando Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri built this fire pit as a social gathering spot to sip wine, grill s’mores and enjoy the pool’s stunning night-time view.

Fire features, whether they are fire pits, fire tables or full-blown fire places in a variety of fuels are very popular. Look for opportunities to create social spaces with chat tables or fire features as an alternative to sitting around a grill.