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Wrought iron goes with any architectural style and it never goes out of style. It’s one of those architectural and decorative elements that instills a sense of legacy in a home. Whether wrought iron takes the shape of a chandelier, staircase or front door, the material symbolizes something solid with a storied past as if it has endured for generations. Wrought iron can showcase a homeowner’s personal expression or add period charm. Strategically incorporating wrought iron accents into a home’s décor can add character and ambiance for an affordable price. Here are a few suggestions.

The front door is one of the most highly visible architectural elements that defines the style of a home. A custom-made wrought iron door can make a statement and add to the home’s curb appeal.

The double-door wrought iron entry is a trademark of Custom Homebuilder, Jorge Ulibarri. “The beauty of wrought iron is that it can carry the design theme throughout the house from the front door, railings, winery door, windows and so on,” explains Jorge.

Oftentimes, the homeowner designs the wrought iron details of the front door and Jorge orders it custom-made and imported from an artisan in Monterey, Mexico. There is a significant cost savings Jorge can get by working directly with artisans in Mexico. Jorge is able to pass on the savings to his clients. “I’ve had clients who have added their initials to the scrollwork of front door and the hand railing design.” One example pictured here showcases a front door with matching scrollwork on the floating staircase.

Wrought Iron Front Door with Matching Scrollwork on Staircase

Homeowners can expect to pay approximately $6,000 to $8,000 for one of these doors depending on the size and the design. “I do caution homeowners to make sure they are purchasing from a reputable company and that the door is certified and tested. I’ve seen very poorly crafted doors that can be a nightmare,” says Jorge.

Wrought Iron Winery Door with Grapes and Leaves Theme

The winery door is another highly visible opportunity to showcase wrought iron. The doors to the winery can feature a theme such as leaves and grapes or perhaps the homeowner wants his or her initials. Jorge says the cost to design, handcraft and import a winery door is approximately $1,800.

Wrought Iron Winery Door with Scrollwork

The master bath is an ideal area of the home to add a touch of wrought iron as well. One example pictured here is the window in the master bath overlooking the tub. This window is made of frosted glass for privacy and serves as the backdrop for wrought iron detail. Jorge says the cost to create this wrought iron decorative window is approximately $300 to $350 depending on the window size.

Master Bath Wrought Iron Decorative Window

Master Bath Wrought Iron Window

For more design ideas with wrought iron accents including various locations and uses, watch Trade Secrets by Jorge, a video series that offers money-saving tips to create that custom-home look on a budget.

Trade Secrets by Jorge, Designing with Wrought Iron

To learn more about Jorge’s work, visit www.imyourbuilder.com


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