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By September 17, 2012Custom Home Design
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Deciding on Your Grand Entrance

Choosing the front door for your new home is a key design decision that dramatically influences the home’s curb appeal. Of course the door should be in sync with the home’s architectural style but here are few guidelines.

Decide on a Door Early

Florida Custom Home Builder Jorge Ulibarri  says the front door decision comes early in the construction process, especially if it is custom-made. There needs to be time allotted for the design, manufacture, and shipping of the door (if the door is coming from Mexico or China, it will have to go through customs, sometimes that can add days to the process). Keep in mind that you will need the front door installed for the framing inspection, so you don’t want to hold up the construction process waiting on your door. Jorge says that it can take approximately two to three months to order and receive a custom-made front door.

Research Your Door Design Options

A good start is to go online for design inspiration. If you are looking for wrought-iron doors, Jorge recommends checking out the website  The site has a wide selection of door designs and clear images. (Please note, this is not an endorsement of Cantera Doors and the author of the blog has not been paid to mention their products).

Jorge saves his clients significant cash on the purchase of a custom-made wrought iron door by having it manufactured in Mexico. He works with  MetaloStudio out of Monterrey, Mexico where craftsmen hand forge doors created from designs that Jorge and his clients create together. These doors make unique signature statements for the owners because oftentimes, they will include their family name initials or other meaningful design elements to personalize their entrance. To see some of  his client’s designs on homes designed and built by Jorge Ulibarri,  check out the Pinterest board “Making a Grand Entrance” and feel free to repin any doors that you like.

Order Your Custom Door from a Reputable Company

Don’t let price alone drive your decision in the purchase of a custom-made front door. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Get references, go look at the company’s doors and inspect the quality of workmanship and material.  Check out the work and references of the door’s installer.

In a remodel project where you want to replace your front door, research your options carefully. Retrofits aren’t easy. Never order a door without having a professional come and inspect the entryway to see if it can accommodate a custom-door. Also, price compare for the door’s installation because sometimes the installation can rival the price of the door itself. For more design ideas and money-saving tips, subscribe to the Trade Secrets web series available on YouTube.


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