Mediterranean Home With an Italian Flair

Mediterranean Home With an Italian Flair

Every custom home that I design and build  is a reflection the owner. The home’s architectural style and details reference the personality and lifestyle of  the people who live in it.  One of my recent projects is for a couple who is deeply rooted in their Italian heritage. They wanted a home in sync architecturally with the main regional style, Mediterranean, but a home that also honored their Italian roots. Here’s a look at some of the interior details that tell the story of history, heritage and personal taste.


This mural, made of painted travertine tiles,  depicts an Italian vineyard. The owner purchased it online and we installed it creating a trompe-l’œil as if looking out of the kitchen window at  the Italian countryside


To create an old farmhouse Tuscan-style kitchen, we used a heavy patterned granite as the surface of this multi level island, built as both a dining and work space since the home does not have a formal dining room. The feeling of time-worn, sturdy, rich, heavy textures and materials extends to the pantry with a wrought-iron door accented with a precast band for the casing.



In the master bedroom, I created a barrel ceiling with stained wood trim that adds elegant curves and breaks with the traditional barrel ceiling design. The faux painted ceiling is a nod to Renaissance structures and works well in a rectangular room. The eye goes upwards to the symmetrical design created with a 90-degree cross grid.

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